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The Better Meaning of Luck

Luck is a common word among many people. You may have heard that a person had a stroke of good or bad luck. This can make a person wonder what it means by luck and where it came from. We all make use of the word luck more often in our day to day activities. It does not matter whether you are poor, rich, a sportsman, a deejay, a pop star, a priest or anything as luck is part of us. Getting to know what this LUCK is all about is therefore crucial for all of us.

One can define luck as a random event that results to positive or negative outcomes to either a person or a multitude. There is the need to know that not the person or the crowd has control over what will happen. In the biblical context, luck is defined as the will of God. In better words, luck is all about what God wants to do with us all. Luck can be said to be that opportunity made by God for the fall or rise of an individual or a group.

There are those times you feel lucky or unlucky. Perhaps it is the high time that we get to know what is to be unlucky or lucky. In a random test taken by a few authors who defined luck, it was found that those who are lucky were more outspoken, had an eye contact when communicating, smiled, and were lively. For the unlucky counterparts, they were found to be opposite of what the lucky people were. In the case given above, we can say that it is the positive energy that makes a person feel lucky compared to those who feel different.

There is the need to know that LUCK is that chance we all get from God that works in our favor or for our bad experiences. The other thing that has come up is that luck comes to those people with positive aura and the bad result is for those who have a negative atmosphere around them. For those who wish to be lucky, you need to see that you have faith and you keep the energy positive and clean all the time. There is the need to ensure that you are good to other people, think positive, act positive and in return, God will think and do to us good things. The moment you choose this kind of life, luck will be a common word for you all the time. Perhaps we are now in a better position on the matter of Luck and how one can get lucky.
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