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August 9, 2019

Top Reasons of Performing Ketamine Therapy for Treatment of Depression

Stress in our lives can be caused by a lot of things that happen to us and causes us to be overwhelmed. Continuous development of stress in a person’s life may lead to the person becoming so much depressed this is so detrimental to his or her health. Cases of depression have been on the rise over the years and it has been seemingly caused by natural causes and it can also be inherited from the family line of people who suffered from depression. If left untreated, depression has been observed to lead people to have suicidal thoughts and ultimately causing death. Over the years, one of the ways that has been used for treatment depression is taking people to therapy sessions where they are given antidepressants to enable them to deal with the pain caused by depression. To help deal with the treatment of depression, a new emerging trend has been observed which is called ketamine therapy. It has been observed that ketamine helps the brain cells to communicate better and the growth of neurons. To get more knowledge about the benefits of performing treatment continue reading this page.

One of the top reasons of performing to determine therapy for depression treatment is that there is rapid relief for the patient. The use of antidepressants has been observed to take a long time to be seen working in the body. However, ketamine therapy has been observed to take hours so that its effects can be seen in the patient and the results show that there is an elevation of the patient’s mental state within less than 24 hours.

Safety and effectiveness is one of the advantages of performing ketamine therapy for treatment of depression. A safe record of ketamine being used as a northern anaesthetic has been shown with the effect of an increase in, respiratory rate and blood pressure but all of them being stable during the infusion. Administration of the infusions is slow and ketamine facts of been seen to be better than the anti-depressants in the medical field.

Another advantage of performing ketamine therapy for depression treatment is that it can be used by outpatients and is time-limited. As the therapist observes the effects of the antidepressants in a patient, it may take a long time since the patient may have to stay in the hospital by being admitted there. The effects of ketamine have been seen that the therapist stays with the patient and therefore, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for long.

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